Jeon So-min suddenly mentioned Song Ji-hyo… After getting surprised for a moment, Kim Jong-kook’s answer was?

Kim Jong-kook was bewildered by the sudden mention of Song Ji-hyo while filming YouTube.

On June 23rd, a video titled “MBTI test… Do it again… (Feat. Jeon So-min)” was uploaded on singer Kim Jong-kook’s YouTube channel “Kim Jong-kook GYM JONG KOOK”.

In this video, Kim Jong-kook and actress Jeon So-min had a candid talk about their personalities.

Jeon So-min said, “I know Jong-kook a little bit, but I don’t think he’ll admit it. He’s a man on the outside but looks like a woman on the inside. He has a delicate and feminine side as well as great sensitivity. He gets sulky easily.”

Kim Jong-kook confessed, “I have a lot of affection for people. I don’t have unrequited love when it comes to dating, but there’s such a part in human relationships. I’ve been loyal to my superiors since I was young.”

Afterwards, Jeon So-min continued to talk about Kim Jong-kook, who was about to perform in the US. Jeon So-min expressed regret, “I asked Yang Se-chan to go to Jong-kook’s concert in the US with me, but he said he can’t.”

She added, “It’d be great to go with Se-chan. I’m afraid that it’ll be weird if I go alone.” Then she asked Kim Jong-kook with a playful expression, “Can I ask Ji-hyo to go with me?”

Kim Jong-kook bewilderedly waved his hands and replied, “It’s strange to be with her on American soil.” The YouTube production team caused laughter by saying,Running Man‘s opening was depicted just right.”

Source: wikitree

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