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Jeon So Min put her hand inside Song Ji Hyo’s shirt to steal a benefit card but eventually gave up, “I touched your chest too much”

Jeon So Min suddenly put her hand inside Song Ji Hyo’s top during the filming of “Running Man”.

SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”, which aired on February 12th, continued to show the “Golden Winter MT 2” following last week’s episode.

Running Man

On the broadcast, “Running Man” members received the opportunity to draw gifts while doing the mission planned by the production team. 

After looking at the product display, each member chose their favorite box. Song Ji Hyo successfully got the chance to transfer penalties.

Running Man

Other members also wanted to get the penalty transferring benefit so they tried to take it away from Song Ji Hyo. Ha Ha was the first to take action.

Ha Ha thought Song Ji Hyo would have put it in her bag so he quickly took the bag. Seeing that, Song Ji Hyo smiled and then took out the benefit card from her pocket.

As expected, the members did not give up so easily. While searching for another benefit, Song Ji Hyo sensed something strange so she hid the penalty-transferring benefit card in her chest.

Running Man

Song Ji Hyo was really determined to protect her benefit but that method didn’t work for Jeon So Min. 

Jeon So Min rushed to Song Ji Hyo and tried to take the card away from her by putting her hand inside Song Ji Hyo’s shirt.

Running Man
Running Man

While fighting intensely, Jeon So Min confessed, “I touched your chest too much but there’s no other way”. In response, Song Ji Hyo said, “Just touch it. I’m fine”, drawing laughter.

Seeing Jeon So Min and Song Ji Hyo unintentionally hug each other during their fight, the members reacted, “What are you two doing?”, “What should we do now?”, etc.

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