Jeon So-mi called out all the names of I.O.I members… “Congratulations on turning 6 years old”

Singer Jeon So-mi celebrated I.O.I’s 6th anniversary.

On May 4th, Jeon So-mi posted a photo on her SNS story along with the caption saying “My sisters Yeonjung, Sohye, Yoojung, Chungha, Mina, Kyulkyung, Nayoung, Chaeyeon, Sejeong, Doyeon.”

The photo shows I.O.I members during their activities. As the youngest member of the group, Jeon So-mi is holding the trophy and making a playful expression in the middle.

jeon somi

In the post, Jeon So-mi wrote down all the names of I.O.I members and added, “Congratulations on turning 6 years old.” This year marks I.O.I’s 6th debut anniversary. I.O.I debuted on May 4th, 2016.

Jeon So-mi voting

Meanwhile, Jeon So-mi recently released a music video for the song “Anymore” from her first full-length album “XOXO“.

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