Jeon Mi-do: “I burst into tears in Son Ye-jin’s bride waiting room, it feels like I’m sending my friend to her husband’s house”

Actress Jeon Mi-do expressed her feelings about attending the wedding of Son Ye-jin who she worked with in the drama “Thirty, Nine”. 

Jeon Mi-do

Jeon Mi-do, who wrapped up the JTBC drama “Thirty, Nine” on the 31st of last month, met with reporters at the “Actor & Learning Art Center” in Nonhyeon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul on April 4th to deliver her thoughts on the end of the drama and various stories surrounding it.

On the same day, Jeon Mi-do talked about Son Ye-jin‘s wedding which overlapped with the airing time of the last episode of “Thirty, Nine“, “We didn’t have that intention, but the date turned out to be like that. Maybe it coincidentally matched because we had postponed a week due to the presidential election or the Olympics,” she said.

Jeon Mi-do

“At Son Ye-jin’s wedding, we talked about how we couldn’t watch the 11th episode because she was busy preparing for the wedding and how we should watch it all at once. The date also fit perfectly. It’s like a perfect ending for both. We couldn’t talk for a long time because she was too busy,” Jeon said about the last broadcast.

“I went into the bride’s waiting room and Joo-hee (Kim Ji-hyun) and I both cried. It felt like seeing a friend who has been my friend since high school to her husband’s house. Strangely, seeing her in a wedding dress made me cry. I think I wanted to see Mi-jo (Son Ye-jin) getting married in the drama. I think that’s why. Seeing us like that, Ye-jin burst into laughter, saying, ‘Why are you crying?’”

Jeon Mi-do

It is said that as all three of them are actually the same age, they were able to get closer after working together. Jeon Mi-do said of her collaboration with Son Ye-jin and Kim Ji-hyun, “We’re the same age, so we actually did it very comfortably. Each character has a similar aspect to our real characteristics. Yejin is straightforward and has leadership like Mi-jo, and Ji-hyun is considerate of the people around her. I had a lot of similarities with my character like how I say everything I want. I think I spent my time filming as if I were talking and playing as my character. Ye-jin is very playful. We laughed a lot while playing around on the set,” she said.

“It was a short time, but we got close. As the pandemic intensified, we didn’t meet much in private. During my previous work “Hospital Playlist”, I got close to the cast because I had so much time to meet them other than filming, like the band practices. But we couldn’t do that during ‘Thirty, Nine’, however, I think we got close quickly and got a lot closer despite the lack of time,” she said.

Jeon Mi-do

In addition, when asked whether there was a sense of competition in the trio’s acting process, Jeon Mi-do said, “I don’t know about others, but I don’t think there was any competitive feeling at all. We were grateful for Ye-jin’s help. I couldn’t find the camera because Ji-hyun and I didn’t have much experience in acting before the camera. Ye-jin always stood by our side and showed us how to do it. I’m sorry and thankful for her, and I’ve learned a lot. I think it’s just our synergy. That alone shows how good our combination was,” she said with satisfaction.

“There was nothing uncomfortable during our acting process. Ji-hye and I have been friends for nearly 10 years. We acted together a long time ago and even though we hadn’t been able to do it for a while, we did it together this time, and as expected, she is a good actress. It goes without saying that Ye-jin is good as well. I had a good time among good actresses,” she added.

thirty nine

Meanwhile, “Thirty, Nine” is a real-life human romance drama about the friendship, love, and life of three friends who are just around the corner of turning 40. The 12th episode, which aired on the 31st of last month, achieved its highest viewer rating of 8.1% (based on Nielsen Korea’s paid households) and achieved a successful ending. Jeon Mi-do, who worked with Son Ye-jin and Kim Ji-hyun as a trio close friends, played the role of Jung Chan-young, a character who spends her last time in life with her friends ahead of her death. 

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