“Jennie, you are queen” International fans are enthusiastic despite the indoor smoking controversy

As BLACKPINK's Jennie apologized for her indoor smoking controversy, international fans are expressing confusion. They are questioning the excessive moral expectations placed on K-pop stars, asking, "Do they need to be taught basic manners?"

In a recently uploaded vlog, Jennie was seen seemingly smoking an e-cigarette indoors while getting her hair and makeup done, causing a stir.

Jennie was shown exhaling smoke even though staff members were present right in front of her, sparking a debate about her personality. Critics pointed out that indoor smoking in a space with many staff members caused discomfort.

As the backlash grew, Jennie’s personal label OA Entertainment (ODDATELIER) issued an apology on July 9th, stating, “We sincerely apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable with Jennie’s actions in the content released on July 2nd.”

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They added, “Jennie herself reflects on smoking indoors and causing inconvenience to the staff. She has personally contacted and apologized to the staff present at the scene.

Regarding the incident, on July 10th, the BBC reported, “South Korean celebrities are no strangers to the intense scrutiny. The country holds them to rigid moral and behavioural standards and no misstep goes unnoticed.”

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The outlet highlighted Korean netizens’ reactions, “‘It’s not about smoking. Blowing smoke in the face of the staff indoors – it’s just rude’, a top YouTube comment on a media outlet’s channel reads. Another one says, ‘Even smokers know that you don’t puff on your friends’ face. You only do it when you really don’t care about the people around you.’

The BBC also noted that international fans were more lenient with Jennie, with messages like, “Please don’t listen to anyone. You are queen and we will support you forever” and “I still love you. We learn from the mistakes we make.”

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The BBC added, “Jennie is not the first South Korean celebrity to face a backlash over smoking. Doh Kyung-soo, vocalist for the popular K-pop boy band EXO and Haechan, a singer in the band NCT, drew a lot of flak when they were caught smoking indoors. They were fined and they apologised to the public.”

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