Jennie turned into a 90s lady in the new teaser, the same way to pose, but fans complimented the charisma is even better than the old photo

The second photo of Jennie in the individual teaser series was announced.

At 16:00 on September 23, YG released the second poster of Jennie to promote the full album THE ALBUM. This photo continued to make fans “visual shock” because of Jennie’s beauty.

Jennie’s new poster was edited in old yellow film tone. Her image was also in retro classic style. Still a portrait style, Jennie also maintained her pose, but viewers are not bored with her aura and charisma.

The large gold earrings also made Jennie look like a noble lady in the American movie in the 90s. Some people mistakenly thought that was a photo of a pictorial, not a comeback teaser of BLACKPINK!

Jennie’s fans know that their idol is famous for her great charisma, but they still cannot stop admiring. This is also the reason why the keyword “Jennie” appeared at # 8 on the top global trending on Twitter right after her second teaser was released.

Netizens also said that Jennie’s new photo was even better than the first teaser released in this morning. They commented:

– I wonder why she always poses one style but still feels beautiful, still sees the difference. The strange phenomenon is difficult to explain.

– It is true that Jennie’s charisma is different, same posing style, but the two pictures are completely different.

– This photo is more beautiful than the one released in the morning.

– Jennie is so pretty. 90s retro style suits her too

In the new photo, Jennie took off her hat to show off her bangs. But not everyone was convinced by this hairstyle when they thought that the bangs still looked like … “fake”. This is because Jennie “fooled” fans too many times, causing trust to lose. Wanting to know if the female idol uses fake bangs or real bangs, if she changes any hairstyle or not, fans have to wait until the first full album of BLACKPINK that will be released on October 2!

Sources: kenh14

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