Jennie subtly answered when BLACKPINK was called the world’s biggest girl group, revealing the harsh truth

Jennie gave a very humble answer when BLACKPINK was titled the biggest girl group in the world.

 It appears that everytime BLACKPINK makes a comeback, they record bigger results than their previous ones. In 2020, they created many unprecedented records, such as becoming the first girl group to top the Billboard Artist 100 – a chart measuring the success of artists.

 The achievements and widespread influence of BLACKPINK have given 4 YG girls countless powerful names.  Many newspapers also gave BLACKPINK the title of the most popular girl group in the world.

Jennie blackpink Forbes

 This is also what the group was asked in an interview with Forbes magazine.  The interviewer asked, “BLACKPINK is often called the biggest girl group in the world. Is this a title you are well aware of? Do you find this terrifying and how do you feel when your group is given this title?”.

 Jennie answered this question on behalf of the members.  She expressed her honor when BLACKPINK is considered the biggest girl group in the world: “Firstly, we are honored to be called the world’s biggest girl group because we all started wanting to be that”  .

Jennie blackpink Forbes

 But then Jennie revealed the harsh truth by saying “It is hard to see the reality where people actually call us that.” The female idol also feels responsible, even under pressure with this title and wants BLACKPINK to continue to be a group that brings a positive influence, giving fans great music.

 Jennie modestly said: “It’s hard to see the reality where people actually call us that . We feel very responsible… and pressure. Even though it’s a big title and with the amount of love and support we receive… We want to keep doing what we do, be a group of positive influences and keep making great music for you guys. We’re very grateful for how the world sees us and it gives us motivation”.

Jennie blackpink Forbes

It can be seen that Jennie is extremely smart and sophisticated when answering these questions. The girls who have an ambition to become the top girl group even feel the pressure from this title, but bringing a positive influence and making good music is what the group pursues for a long time.


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