Jennie revealed her joyful daily life in LA, “Even if I walk around in simple outfit, no one cares about me”

BLACKPINK Jennie (26 years old) showed her daily life in LA through a Vlog.

Jennie uploaded the “LA Vlog” on her Youtube channel on February 23rd. “Welcome to my LA house”, Jennie began her vlog by introducing the accommodation. She continued, “You guys have been wondering what I’m doing here, right?”, adding, “There’s a nice swimming pool, but I’ve never swam in there. I don’t know why I have such a big pool in the house”.

From eating breakfast with a ‘no makeup’ face and messy hair to walking on the streets of LA during sunset, Jennie’s unpretentious and leisurely daily life moments were all captured in the video.

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In particular, Jennie showed her fondness for the hobby of taking a walk in LA, saying, “I usually get up in the morning and stroll around the neighborhood. I came out a bit late today. You can see the beautiful sunset from here”, adding, “I think the thing I did the most here is walking around. Even if I walk around wearing this (simple outfit), nobody cares about me”. Jennie looked comfortable while walking freely without wearing a mask.

However, when asked about her favorite food in LA, Jennie said, “To be honest, I like Korean food. Soft tofu soup was the yummiest”, making everyone laugh by suddenly mentioning a soft tofu restaurant.

In addition, the video also showed Jennie visiting a bookstore and Disneyland.

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