Jennie (BLACKPINK) on her mental health and her attempt at acting 

Jennie shared her thoughts on taking care of her mental well-being and excitement for her to-be-released series “The Idol”. 

On her new release and fan-meeting with fans through BLACKPINK’s world tour “BORN PINK”, Jennie shared her deep thoughts on herself in an interview with ELLE magazine. Different from her usual sexy and powerful image onstage, Jennie expressed a more calm and gentle side when talking of the restless preparation nights as well as her changed mindset for this world tour. 

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Jennie had a change of perspective when she faced a heavy schedule. (Image: ELLE) 

In the 6th year of her activity, “BORN PINK” was only the group’s second world tour. Their previous one went as far as 2018 with the name “In Your Area” where the members officially traveled to many different countries for the first time. Realistically, the non-stop performances are never easy for idols as they are more prone to exhaustion and anxiety. Jennie was no exception when she recalled her experience of the time. While she was not conscious of the challenges, she was under heavy physical and mental tolls: “I always feel stressed at that time, not knowing where I am. Lost took over me.  didn’t know who I was when I was off work. I didn’t know who I was when I was at work”.

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Saving energy is especially important because idols are constantly being drained of it, leading to an ever-declining physical well-being for shows after that. Jennie, more than anyone else, acknowledged this strain on her health as she prioritized her health: “I try to always take time to take care of myself, check in on me, and make sure I know where I’m at before I go into any big projects. The members learn to balance their relationships and the intensity of work such as promoting for the new song, going on tour…” With that in mind, the members are carrying out the rest of their concert’s schedules, lasting until May next year across 7 cities of Europe and 14 tours at 9 cities in Asia. 

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On Jennie’s part, fans are excited to see her first acting role in the HBO series “The Idol” set to be out next year. Talking of this special appearance, Jennie revealed that the creator Sam Levinson was the main influence for her to join the project and things “worked out magically”: “Opportunities came on one day and I just know I would feel regret not taking it.” Sam Levinson also expressed his amazement to her choreographic skills and spent a great amount of praise for the idol through different shooting. Through an interview with ELLE, the idol expressed her wishes to join other film projects in the future and promised to bring new and refreshing aspects as Jennie Ruby Jane. 

Source: Elle US

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