Jennie (BLACKPINK) appeared with crutches at YG, the comeback will continue to be pushed back?

 After a long absence, BLACKPINK confirmed that they will make a comeback in June, making fans excited.  Being one of the top Kpop groups and having a global influence, surely the comeback news of the YG girls has made fans extremely eager.

 However, up to now, YG has not revealed anything about BLACKPINK’s comeback date, as well as the concept this time. This has made many fans doubt that the company seemingly wants to “ignore” fans?

 Besides, what concerns fans the most right now is Jennie’s health.  Specifically, the 96-line vocalist appeared with crutches in front of YG, which made fans extremely worried because earlier in May, during a livestream with fans, Jennie was also seen using crutches, quickly after that, she reassured fans by revealing that the injury was not too serious and that she had to use crutches to keep balance and recover faster.

 More than a month has passed but Jennie is still using crutches to move, while YG has not mentioned BLACKPINK’s comeback date, so fans easily guessed that it is difficult for the girls to return in June, and fans will probably have to wait for a while to enjoy BLACKPINK’s new music.

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