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Jay Park considering retirement? 13 years without break, a human with limitations

Singer and producer Jay Park mentioned his feelings regarding retirement and the public pressure he has experienced. 

On June 2nd, a video titled “The boss can’t stop me. Seattle Soju Merchant Jay Park running out of control” was released on the YouTube channel “My Alcohol Diary”.

On that day, when Lee Young Ji said, “I heard you’re preparing for an album when we were taking ‘Show Me the Money’”, Jay Park replied, “That album was supposed to be released last year. It was delayed because of ‘Show Me the Money’”.

He then mentioned that the album will be released this year instead, after his “last concert tour”, to which Lee Young Ji said, “You should not blackmail us for your retirement.”


In response, Jay Park confessed that his retirement is “official” in his heart, adding that since he will retire anyways in the future, it’s better to do it when people clap for him, rather than when people say “It’s time to retire”. 

Furthermore, the male singer said that he now has a different attitude compared to when he wrote the song “Mommae”, adding, “I’m so tired… It’s just, I’m a celebrity, you know. People are watching me, and they also have expectations of me. It’s tiring to try hard under such pressure not to lose their trust.


Jay Park also lamented, “I’m a human, so I have limitations for sure. For 13 years, without taking a rest, I’ve been running without looking around. I haven’t talked to myself for doing great, I made myself tired. I need to be rewarded for myself”

Finally, in response to Lee Young Ji’s question, “Are you scared to tell that you’re tired?”, Jay Park said, “No. I do feel stressed and pressure. Actually, I’m just complaining about my blessings. It’s like, ‘Oh, I’m getting so popular. People love me so much’. So even though I’m feeling tired mentally and physically, I could handle all those things.”

“So I thought I was chosen, I try my best not to forget my blessings”, he concluded in the end. 

Source: Nate 

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