Japanese gameshow caused confusion when asking trivia question about BLACKPINK but the answer was … TWICE!

Undeniably, TWICE & BLACKPINK are currently the 2 most popular Kpop girl groups today. The influence of the JYP & YG groups is not only prevalent in Korea but has gradually spread to Asia and the rest of the world.

A funny and awkward situation happened when BLACKPINK was used in a quiz for players in a Japanese game show. With the hint word “PINK”, it was the task of the players to complete the remaining 5 crosswords.

One person correctly guessed the letter “C” but the remaining 4 gentlemen were completely wrong by saying… “TWICE” as their final answer even though BLACKPINK’s photo was displayed on the screen. Thus, a new girl group called TWICEPINK has officially debut on this gamehow!

Is this the legendary girl group TWICEPINK consisting of 13 beautiful members?

Sources: k14

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