Jang Na-ra makes a special appearance on “Cheer Up,” showing off her unchanged beauty after the wedding

Jang Na-ra appeared in “Cheer Up” due to a “VIP” relationship. This is her first time appearing in a work since her wedding.

Jang Na-ra made a special appearance as director Na Jung-sun in SBS’ “Cheer Up,” which aired in the afternoon of Oct 24th.

Jang Na ra Cheer Up

Park Jung-woo (played by Bae In-hyuk) and Lee Yoo-min (played by Park Bo-yeon) who are preparing for the festival went around to receive interviews and congratulatory messages from their seniors. Park Jung-woo made an interview appointment with a senior, and Na Jung-sun (played by Jang Na-ra) appeared.

Na Jung-sun gave her heart-warming advice after the interview, saying, “Just live your life. Come to think of it, I lived too carefully in my 20s. I was afraid I’d hurt myself. I regret it afterward. I should’ve lived more recklessly. Live in a barracks that doesn’t violate the law. Experience a lot of this and that without regret,” she said with a bright smile.

Jang Na ra Cheer Up

In June, Jang Na-ra married a non-celebrity 6 years younger than her working in the media area. After two years of dating, the two made up their mind to tie the knot with each other. Jang Na-ra said, “I fell in love with his pretty smile, his sincere and good heart, and above all, his sincere attitude that puts all his heart into what he does.”

After about four months after her wedding, she appeared in “Cheer Up” and showed off her even more beautiful charm. 

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