Jang Ki Yong is promoted to a sergeant during his military service and fans are eager for his comeback

The recent status of actor Jang Ki Yong has been revealed.

On October 15th, comedian Yoon Hyung Bin posted a photo on his Instagram with the caption. “Squid game ^^. The very cool Jang Ki Yong and the very pretty LABOUM Haein were together at the Armed Forces Dream Festival. Next to them, I look like a squid. Jang Ki Yong was so impressive in ‘My Mister’~ When I met him, he actually had a nice boyish smile~ It’s not easy to look good even in military uniforms~^^. IIt was nice to see Haein, who worked with me for the second time in a long time.”

In the published photo, Yoo Hyung Bin can be seen standing side by side with Jang Ki Yong and Haein. 

jang ki yong

In particular, in the photo, Jang Ki Yong was smiling brightly and making a peace sign with his hands. He’s also wearing the Sergeant’s insignia, and his dischargement is closely approaching. The actor enlisted in the army as an active duty soldier in August of last year, and is scheduled to be discharged in February.

Fans who came across the photo showed various reactions such as “Oh! It’s Jang Ki Yong”, “He looks so cool”, and “Yoon Hyung Bin, Autumn Man~”. Meanwhile, Yoon Hyung Bin is appearing in Channel A and Channel S’ program “The First Business in the World” (literal translation).

Source: Nate

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