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Jang Hyuk “I felt guilty after seeing my body double faint… I started performing action scenes myself”

Jang Hyuk talked about the reason why he performed action scenes himself.

MBC’s “Point of Omniscient Interfere“, which aired on July 9th, featured actor Jang Hyuk and his manager Jeon Seung-bin.

jang hyuk

Jang Hyuk‘s body double fainted while filming the movie “Zzang”. Jang Hyuk revealed the reason why he took on action scenes as much as possible without using body doubles, “I felt guilty back then. When he succeeded in standing up, I saw it and thought, ‘I have to work like that.'”

Jang Hyuk almost got hurt while filming “The Killer”. It was a scene where he had to break the window, but he hit the window frame and fell down. Jang Hyuk smilingly confessed, “The first thing I saw at that time was a making film camera. So I said, ‘I’m fine.'” His manager told him, “It was your first accident, so I secretly shed tears alone. I was moved by the way all the staff applauded. Didn’t you succeed right away the second time?”

jang hyuk

Source: Nate

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