IVE’s youngest member Leeseo shows off her cute side in “SHOW WHAT I HAVE” theme film

IVE’s Leeseo exuded her youngest-like charm and vitality.

On the evening of Nov 17th, Leeseo‘s “SHOW WHAT I HAVE” theme film was released through IVE‘s official SNS channel.

In the video, Leeseo introduced herself, “15 years old, IVE’s youngest member. Growing up with the affection of older sisters. My MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) is an ENFP witty activist. I like to run around non-stop.”

IVE Leeseo

As the only middle schooler on the team, Leeseo not only showed off her fresh charm by choosing school uniforms and gym clothes as her “favorite outfits” but she also revealed her clear voice, which made everyone look forward to her future performances as IVE’s vocalist.

Earlier, IVE unveiled its complete line-up for the first time through a promotional film under the theme of “HAVE WHAT WE WANT“. Next, the sequentially opened “SHOW WHAT I HAVE” videos for each member are also generously displaying IVE’s unique charms.

IVE Leeseo

IVE is a six-member rookie girl group launched by Starship Entertainment after five years. In the meaning of “I HAVE = IVE“, it plans to captivate music fans around the world with its own identity by showing storytelling as a complete group rather than a growing group.

IVE is scheduled to debut on Dec 1st and will continue to release promotional contents through its official SNS channel.

IVE Leeseo


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