IVE’s maknae Leeseo on, “Shin Dong-yeop’s daughter was my friend in elementary school” (Amazing Saturday)

IVE member Leeseo, a friend of Shin Dong-yeop’s daughter, appeared on “Amazing Saturday”.

tvN’s entertainment program “Amazing Saturday”, which aired on the evening of August 20th, featured IVE members Ahn Yu-jin, Rei, and Leeseo as guests.

Born in 2007, Leeseo is the youngest member of the group. Surprised by this fact, Taeyeon exclaimed, “2007 was when we released and promoted ‘Into the New World’”.

Leeseo then said, “Shin Dong-yeop sunbaenim’s daughter was my friend in elementary school”, revealing her special relationship. Boom said, “Are you appearing on ‘Amazing Saturday’ as his daughter’s friend?”. Nucksal added, “This is a historic moment of broadcasting”.

In response, Leeseo called Shin Dong-yeop in different ways, such as “sir” and “father”. Shin Dong-yeop reacted, “Just call me ‘sunbaenim’ in a comfortable way”, drawing laughter. 

Source: nate

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