IVE’s maknae Leeseo boasts lovely visuals and Christmas vibes in new beauty pictorial 

IVE’s Leeseo gives off warm year-end vibes through a pictorial.

On November 24th, Dazed released a pictorial and an interview with cosmetic brand Kiehl’s featuring IVE’s Leeseo.

ive leeseo dazed

In the unveiled pictorial, Leeseo caught the attention by showing off her lovely and sweet visuals in a red checkered outfit full of Christmas vibes with long pigtails. 

Leeseo also completed the Christmas-inspired pictorial with sensuous styling by matching casual outfits such as a see-through dress with colorful frill decorations and pastel-toned knitwear with makeup highlighted with sparkling snowflakes.

ive leeseo dazed

Leeseo’s more mature visuals, refreshing smile, deep eyes, and luxurious aura emanating from these looks are enough to capture the hearts of global fans.

In a post-shooting interview, Leeseo shared her unforgettable memories of Christmas, saying, “There was a house playset I really wanted when I was young, and I got it as a gift from my parents at Christmas, so I still remember it.”

ive leeseo dazed

She continued, “This year, I want to receive handwritten letters with sincerity. When I give someone a gift, I always write a letter. I like letters because they can be stored for a long time.”

Leeseo added, “Next year, I want to show a more mature image than now. I also want to do an offline concert with my fans,” revealing her aspirations and wishes for the upcoming 2023, raising expectations for IVE’s future activities.

ive leeseo dazed

Source: Wikitree.

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