IVE Jang Won Young and Park Bo Gum join a commercial shot in the tropics for outdoor sports apparel Eider 

IVE Jang Won Young and Park Bo Gum show great synergy in the sunlit tropics for Eider’s commercial shoot. 

On April 24th, IVE Jang Won Young posted a commercial video and photo on her personal Instagram with several heart emojis and tagged the clothing brand, Eider, in the post. In the released video and photo, Jang Won Young posed alongside Park Bo Gum in a behind-the-scene photo for a commercial shoot for the outdoor sports clothing brand, Eider. Against a tropical backdrop, Park Bo Gum and Jang Won Young showed off their perfect synergy and boasted sweet and warm visuals. 


Recently, the girl group IVE, which Jang Won Young is a part of, released their first full-length album “I’VE IVE” with the title track “I AM” and the pre-released single “Kitsch.” 

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum is working on the Netflix movie “Wonderland” alongside a stellar cast, including Bae Suzy, Choi Woo Shik, and Tang Wei. In the drama scene, the actor is joining the shooting for “You Have Done Well” with IU. 

Source: nate 

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