IVE “As our influence is gradually expanding, we’ll try to become more responsible”

“Our goal is to surpass ourselves.”

IVE (An Yu Jin, Gaeul, Rei, Jang Won Young, Liz, Leeseo), who left a clear mark in the music industry after their debut, had different aspirations. Throughout the interview, we could feel the mature mindset of those who were not intoxicated by the achievements of their previous works and tried to improve by making more efforts.

– You became the first artist in the history of the Golden Disc Awards to win both Rookie Artist of the Year and Grand Prize.


An Yu Jin “I can’t believe IVE set this record at a prestigious awards ceremony. It seems more meaningful that we won Rookie Artist of the Year, Main Prize (Bonsang) and Grand Prize (Daesang) at the same time. Once again, thank you to all the staff and ‘DIVE’ (fandom name). As much as you’ve shown a lot of love and interest, IVE will become an artist that fits the weight of the award.”

Gaeul “I think the award at the ‘Golden Disc Awards’ is one of the awards that singers want to receive the most. I couldn’t believe that we set this record at the Golden Disc Awards, which has been held since my parents’ generation. It’s great to be able to receive such a meaningful award. Thank you so much.”

– As Rei inevitably suspended activities due to health problems, you worked as a 5-member group.

Gaeul “As this time was our first full-length album promotion, all 6 members prepared really hard. Rei must’ve been very sad. We put in a lot of effort to fill Rei’s vacancy. We worked harder on stage with the thought ‘Rei isn’t around, but we’re still one.'”


An Yu Jin “As it was the first full-length album we were looking forward to, I think Rei, who couldn’t perform together with us, will be the saddest person. Because we know how Rei feels, all the members worked hard on stage even in Rei’s parts. DIVE must’ve been sad. We’re grateful to fans for their support and love so that we could do well until the end of this promotion.”

– IVE’s influence is gradually expanding in various fields such as the music industry and the broadcasting industry.

Gaeul “Thankfully, we received Best Performance Award – Singer at the Korea PD Awards this time. This award seems more meaningful because we were selected by the PDs themselves. I think we have to show a better image as you love and support IVE in different fields. We’ll continue to work harder every moment on stage.”


Liz “It’s such an honor to be loved in various fields. As our influence is gradually expanding, we’ll try to become an artist who can exert a more positive influence with responsibility for each action.”

Source: daum

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