IU’s Agency Responds to Plagiarism Accusations: “Will Strongly Counter Indiscriminate Allegations”

IU’s reps have repeatedly expressed a firm stance regarding the accusations of plagiarism.

EDAM Entertainment, IU’s agency, stated on May 12th, “Our company has been continuously monitoring and investigating forces that have been spreading baseless rumors and defamation against our artist. In the midst of this, we were shocked, beyond astonishment, when some of these forces accused and reported IU of plagiarism.”


The agency continued, “On May 10th, after the report accusing IU of copyright infringement related to the plagiarism allegations, we appointed a copyright specialist law firm to verify the accusations. Based on the comprehensive information obtained from the investigative agencies and media reports so far, it is clear that the accuser is not raising plagiarism suspicions against composers in general but solely targeting IU. Even in a situation where some composers deny the plagiarism allegations, it is evident that a third party unrelated to copyright is targeting only IU, purely to damage the artist’s image.”

Furthermore, they emphasized, “We believe that the investigative agencies will make prompt and wise judgments regarding these clearly baseless accusations, and hold the accuser accountable for their indiscriminate allegations based on the results. From the early stages of this incident, we have been in close communication with the composers and are actively responding. We will strongly counter any indiscriminate accusations.


Recently, a netizen accused IU of violating copyright laws and reported her to the Gangnam Police Station, claiming that IU’s songs such as ‘Bbi-Bbi,’ ‘Good Day,’ ‘The Red Shoes,’ ‘Pitiful,’ ‘Boo,’ and ‘Celebrity’ have plagiarized foreign and domestic artists’ music. 

Doubts have arisen questioning the motive behind accusing IU, who is not a composer, and whether it is an intentional effort to tarnish IU’s image. The composers themselves have directly come forward to deny the plagiarism allegations. Lee Min Soo, the composer of ‘Good Day’ and ‘The Red Shoes,’ denied any reference to other people’s songs or considering them during the production. Similarly, composer Lee Jong Hoon of ‘Bbi-Bbi’ stated, “I did not plagiarize any work.”

Source: Daum

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