IU’s agency fuels the plagiarism dispute? Fans are furious

Some fans of IU are pushing the blame on the singer-actress’ agency for lack of responsiveness and poor situation handling.

On May 8th, it was confirmed that those who accused IU of plagiarism have continuously criticized her for plagiarism. They have also announced their intention to make accusations against her several times.

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These people’s malicious actions were also highly organized. They created Instagram accounts to raise doubts about IU’s plagiarism, and on Twitter, they consistently raised the same doubts. They even posted comments of the same nature on related YouTube videos and in related communities.

Eventually, they hired a law firm and accused IU of plagiarizing six songs of habitually profiting from them. Of the songs, IU only directly produced “Celebrity”, leading to some questioning why they accused IU directly, instead of confronting other composers or contributors.

A YouTuber who once raised suspicions of plagiarism against Yoo Hee Yeol also pointed out this fact on May 11th, emphasizing that the accusation was likely to tarnish IU’s reputation. 

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As a result, some fans are currently protesting with trucks, criticizing the poor handling of IU’s agency. They argue that the agency did not properly respond to the continuous spread of malicious rumors surrounding IU.

In addition, fans mentioned that they had been aware of the accusations surrounding IU, even having reported it to the agency in the past. However, the agency’s poor handling led to the current situation.

On the truck containing fans’ protest, messages criticizing EDAM Entertainment can be seen. In particular, fans wrote things such as “Ignoring Fans, Poor Handling”, “Ignoring Malicious Rumors”, “ EDAM Entertainment Neglecting Their Duties”, “Let IU Go Now”, and “Absolutely Against Contract Renewal”. 

The truck is currently traveling around Wiryeseong-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul, where EDAM Entertainment is located.


Regarding their complain, a member of UAENA (IU’s fan club) who participated in the truck protest said, “For about a year, fans have been reporting through various channels such as emails, registered mails, and official cafes that antis are spreading plagiarism rumors, but we have not heard any response.” 

“The initial response to this accusation was extremely insufficient, and there was no communication with fans. The willingness to protect the artist was so weak that we decided to protest”, the fan added. 

Source: Daum

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