IU, “Lee Ji-eun and IU are both me. I have no problem with whatever stage name is used”

Actress IU (Lee Ji-eun) talked about her stage name.

IU attended the press conference for movie “Broker” at the Cannes on the afternoon of May 27th (local time). When asked about why she used her real name Lee Ji-eun when carrying out activities as an actress, IU said, “There won’t be any problem if I call myself IU when acting. I can express myself well in both acting and singing.”


She smiled and continued, “Unexpectedly, people in the industry want Korean names to be included in credits. There were times when crediting my name as IU was helpful to the works. Since using my Korean name can make it look more formal, I just let them use whatever name of mine as they want. In fact, it’s a little unfamiliar for me to introduce my name as Lee Ji-eun. During my recent interviews, I just naturally greeted ‘Hello, I’m IU of ‘Broker’.”

IU creates a fantasy for the public with her splendid image when she works as a singer, but when appearing as an actress, she often plays realistic characters. Regarding this, IU said, “The characters I like and can do well often have stories that are more attached to reality. Maybe it is because I’m a realistic person. Those kinds of stories are more interesting to me.”


When asked about her goal as an actress, IU shared, “I haven’t set a goal yet”, adding, “I debuted as a singer and spent more years doing singing activities so there are still many fans who are not familiar with me as an actress. When my next work is announced, I hope the public can welcome it as naturally as they may think ‘Ah, so she is releasing a new work’. I’m trying to become an actress like that.”

IU’s debut film “Broker” tells about people who are associated with baby boxes, which are designed to allow babies to be left anonymously because their parents cannot raise them. IU plays the role of a single mother who left her baby in the baby box but later went back to find her child. 


Broker”, which was invited to compete for the Palme d’Or at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, will officially premiere in Korea on June 9th.

Source: Daum

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