“I think it’s my first time revealing it…”, IU introduces favorite items she takes along on overseas schedules

Singer IU’s favorite items inside her bag have been revealed.

On October 26th, a video titled “[My Vogue] Items that IU takes along when going abroad! In My Bag” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Vogue Korea”.

In the released video, the production staff requested, “Please introduce the items that IU always carries around in her bag on her overseas schedules”. In response, IU said, “Normally, I don’t take along too many things in my bag. I don’t know if I can make this video interesting but I’ve tried to prepare it well”.

She then introduced the key ring and wallet she received as gifts. IU took out the wallet and said, “I think I’ve been using it for 2-3 years. It’s my favorite mint-colored wallet and I bought it with my own money”.

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IU then showed her furry hairclip to the camera. She said, “I use it a lot when wearing casual clothes. I’m sure my fans have seen it quite a few times. I’ve used it a lot that the fur began to fall out. I carry it with me every time. The color is also so pretty”, showing her affection for the hairclip.

Then, an unexpected item appeared. IU took out pollack roe seaweed laver and explained, “Actress Lee Joo-young came to my concert and gave me two boxes of this as a gift. I tried one and it was so delicious so I take it along in my bag. It’s my favorite snack. There are pollack roes on the seaweed. It’s not too salty even when you just eat it without anything else”.

IU then said, “I think it’s my first time revealing this…”, and took out her customized earplug. She introduced, “This is the earplug modeled after the shape of my ears. When you go to make customized in-ears, just tell them and they will give you these free of charge. It’s very useful to wear on the plane or when you want to sleep well”. 

Source: wikitree

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