IU fans are divided because of the topic asking which drama character played by IU is the best

There is a topic that responses from IU fans are divided with a ratio of exactly 3:3:3.


On January 23rd, an article titled, “Even fans gave mixed responses about the best drama character played by IU”, was posted on the online community theqoo.

The article mentioned IU’s roles in different dramas, such as KBS2’s “The Producers”, tvN’s “My Mister” and “Hotel del Luna”.


In “The Producers”, IU played Cindy, a singer who is in her 10th year of activity. Cindy normally shows up with a cold appearance, but she gradually opens her heart to Baek Seung-chan (Kim Soo-hyun) and changes her personality.


IU took on the role of Lee Ji-an in “My Mister”. Lee Ji-an is a tough woman who uses her whole body to endure the cold-hearted reality. As she was left alone with her sick grandmother at the age of 6, she has thrown away things like dreams, plans, and hopes in the trash since a long time ago. While working hard to pay off her debt as soon as possible, she meets Park Dong-hoon (Lee Sun-kyun) and finds peace in her mind.


Meanwhile, IU’s character Jang Man-wol in “Hotel del Luna” is a woman who committed a crime in the past and was cursed to stay at a guest house called “Del Luna” for a long time. 

2 out of 3 dramas made huge successes with the highest ratings of 8.17% and 13.87%. However, IU fans are also divided when considering which one is the best character throughout IU’s acting career.

Netizens who saw the article commented, “I prefer Jang Man-wol”, “I’m a Cindy akgae (fans who only love one person and hate the others)”, “I think I like all characters”.

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