ITZY’s Lia to Resume Activities, Appears in Fan Club Anniversary Live: “I’m Happy”

Lia of girl group ITZY, who had paused her activities, has finally appeared in front of fans with good news.

On July 8th, a live broadcast featuring ITZY started on ITZY’s official YouTube channel.

On this day, Lia, who had halted her activities due to health reasons, announced her return through the MIDZY (ITZY’s fan club) 5th anniversary live. Lia transformed with a bob haircut and appeared in a Matilda costume, and was warmly welcomed by the members and production team. 

When the members told her she looked prettier without the sunglasses, Lia quickly took them off. She then expressed her feelings, saying, “Congratulations on MIDZY’s birthday. I’m happy that we can all gather to celebrate.”

The ITZY members shared their movie-like moments with MIDZY. Lia ranked their first showcase tour as the third most memorable moment. She reflected, “Looking back, those days feel like a movie. It was the first time we met overseas MIDZY.”

lia itzy

Lia’s second most memorable moment was an outdoor fan meeting at a broadcast station, and her top moment was “every moment”, explaining, “The ordinary things are the ones that hold meaning. In hindsight, every moment feels like a movie.”

Additionally, on the same day, JYP Entertainment released an announcement regarding Lía’s future activities. According to this statement, Lia’s symptoms of anxiety have improved, and the female idol will return to activities with ITZY’s new album.

The album is scheduled to be released in the 2nd half of 2024, meaning Lia will resume activities alongside ITZY members during this time. 

Source: JYP, Daum

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