ITZY members’ net worth after 3 years of debut: Who’s the richest? 

Which ITZY member is the wealthiest 3 years into their debut? 

Debuted in 2019, ITZY has become one of the most outstanding girl groups of K-pop 4th generation. The JYP girl group impresses with their energetic, catchy music, and powerful dance performances. Besides, ITZY members are also known to be rich. Some of them come from enviable backgrounds.  


Compared to her fellow members, Lia is known to be a real “golden spoon”. She was born into a rich family, attended an expensive international school with a tuition fee of 60 million won for a year. Her original direction was to study abroad in the US or UK.

After debuting in ITZY, Lia attracted attention as the group’s main vocal. Although her talent has sparked controversy multiple times, she is still loved for her nice voice color and talent in modeling. She has an outstanding presence in fashion and cơm meridian. Currently, Lia has a net worth of up to 2 million USD.

itzy lia charles and keith

Ryujin is also known as a rich kid of ITZY. She grew up in the most expensive area in Korea with a luxurious standard of living. In ITZY, Ryujin is also one of the most popular members. 

She and Lia are the two richest members of ITZY with a net worth of 2 million USD. Ryujin is particularly famous for her dancing skills and stage presence. Before debuting, she even appeared in BTS’s short “Highlight Reel” MV.

itzy ryujin charles and keith

Possessing an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, Yuna is a member with a high income compared to Gen 4 idols. The female idol holds the role of visual of ITZY.  She is highly appreciated by the audience for her appearance.  Up to now, Yuna is only active as a fashion model, an advertising model and MC.

Furthermore, Yuna‘s charm on stage caused a lot of excitement. Fans speculated that if Yuna pursued more solo activities or debuted as an actress, she would become increasingly successful and wealthy.

itzy yuna charles and keith

Yeji has the same net worth as Yuna at 1.5 million USD. Because of her charisma, the female idol frequently becomes a topic of public discussion on social media. Yeji, who was not born into a wealthy family, amassed a large fortune at a young age through her own efforts. Yeji’s frequent use of branded clothing also demonstrates her high income.

itzy yeji charles and keith

Chaeryeong is known as the member with the richest background among ITZY members.  She lives in a large apartment with a lot of luxurious furniture. Worth mentioning, the house also has many floors and even an escalator.

itzy chaeryeong charles and keith

However, when she became an idol, she also had to go through a period of hard training. She owns a fortune of 1 million USD. 

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