ITZY Lia burst into tears at the words of a fortune teller, “You’re very talented so don’t be too pressured”

ITZY member Lia shed tears when receiving the message from a fortune teller.

ITZY appeared on STATV’s “Idol League 4”, which aired on January 6th, as the first guest. ITZY also joined the previous season and set the record as the group with the most appearances on “Idol League”. 

Itzy Lia

During the broadcast, Lia impressed everyone with her aspect of a ‘donation angel’. Lia made headlines last year when she donated 30 million won to the recovery of flood damage. Revealing that donating has been on her bucket list since her debut days, Lia said, “Every time I received my salary, I saved part of it separately for donations. Finally, I was able to make a meaningful donation last year.” In response, Shindong commented, “You’re so cool. This is what we should applaud”, showing his respect. 

ITZY’s New Year fortunes for 2023 were also revealed. Regarding Yeji, the fortune teller said, “There is an opportunity for you to shine individually at the beginning of this year”, adding “Although you’re always ready for anything, you should be careful because your health is weak”.

Itzy Lia

When it came to Lia, the fortune teller said, “You’re very talented, but you seem to have lost your confidence. There is no need to feel pressured”. Upon hearing the sincere consolation, Lia shed tears as if she was having mixed feelings. The youngest member Yuna, who was standing beside watching Lia crying, was also caught on the screen with tearful eyes, drawing sympathy from viewers.

“Idol League 4” airs every Friday at 8 p.m. on STATV.

Source: Daum

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