It’s already been 9 years since Red Velvet debuted… Friendship journey starts (“Level Up Project 5”)

K-pop representative girl group Red Velvet’s exclusive entertainment show “Level Up Project 5” finally took off its veil on Wavve on Sep 23rd.

On this day’s broadcast, Red Velvet‘s highly anticipated appearance before going on a trip together after a long time was revealed. Yeri, who arrived at Jeju Island a day earlier, showed explosive tension from the day before the trip, while Seulgi and Irene packed their suitcases and expressed their excitement about the trip gathering all the members.

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Finally, on the day of the trip, from early in the morning, Yeri made her own “Welcome Picket” and went to meet her sisters at the airport. Red Velvet members, including Wendy, who was excited from the start of the trip, did not stop laughing as soon as they met.

In the car leaving for lunch soon after, the members expressed the trip’s excitement by taking pictures of each other and chatting together. On this day, the members began their trip in a pleasant manner by singing Red Velvet’s masterpiece playlist that suits the summer vacation like a girl group called “Summer Queen” and turning the inside of the car into a stage.

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Upon arriving at the restaurant, the members could not help but admire the ocean view with the blue sea and the food filled with fresh Jeju seafood. In particular, Jeju seafood mukbang, which is full of sea scent such as raw fish, sea urchin and red-banded lobster, was held, making viewers feel hungry.

After the meal was over, the travel concept of “Level Up Project 5” was finally revealed. The “Level Up Project” is a “Friendship UP Project” that strengthens the friendship of Red Velvet members, who have entered the 9th year since their debut. Expectations are high for future stories as 5 girls can enjoy the trip to the fullest and develop their friendship together at each spot recommended by the members.

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Meanwhile, “Level Up Project 5”, where you can see both playful girlish Red Velvet and sincere mature Red Velvet, will be released on Wavve every Friday at 11 AM starting on Sep 23rd.

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