It turns out that Song Joong Ki’s wife Katy used to appear in a famous CF alongside actor George Clooney

Korean netizens re-examine the past appearance of Song Joong Ki’s wife Katy Louise Saunders.

While Song Joong Ki’s announcement of his remarriage with Katy Louise Saunders and her pregnancy is still a hot topic, some netizens brought up Katy’s past appearances on TV.

Katy used to work in the entertainment industry as an actress. The fact that she played George Clooney’s partner in a famous advertisement is drawing keen attention.

It was the advertisement for Nespresso, the brand that George Clooney modeled for. The CF video was very famous as it was broadcasted all over the world, including in Korea. 


George Clooney appeared in the advertisement as himself in a “Nespresso capsule war” with several women. Katy, who was 24 years old when she filmed the CF, acted as a young and attractive woman. When Katy asked, “Excuse me, are you George Clooney?”, George Clooney responded, “No, you must be mistaken”, then ran away with his Nespresso.

At that time, George Clooney’s witty and humorous acting made headlines and many people were interested in the identity of the beautiful woman at the end of the video.

In response to this rediscovery, Korean netizens commented, “Wow”, “It was a very famous advertisement”, “That female model would become Song Joong Ki’s wife in the future”, etc.


Katy was born in England in 1984. She is one year older than her husband Song Joong Ki. She starred in various films, such as “The Scandalous Journey” (2002), “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” (2003), “Los Borgia” (2006), “Third Person” (2013), etc.

Katy is known to be living in a 20 billion won house in Itaewon, Seoul owned by Song Joong Ki. She is preparing to give birth to their first child.

Source: Insight

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