It turned out Kim Go Eun’s role in “Cheese In The Trap” was originally given to Suzy

Thanks to Suzy turning down the role, Kim Go Eun got a successful lead role in her first drama.

Kim Go Eun is a promising young actress. She started out as a movie actress, her first role was in an 18+ art movie, which contained many sensitive scenes. That’s why during the early years of his career, Kim Go Eun, no matter how excellent she was, was still criticized by netizens. Many people said that she was only suitable for adult movies. It was not until 2016 that she had her first role in a TV series, which was the lead role in the drama “Cheese In The Trap”.

cheese in the trap

Although she was initially opposed because her appearance was not similar to the female lead in the webtoon, when the drama aired, Kim Go Eun conquered the audience with her excellent acting. Cheese In The Trap was not so successful, but it undeniably helped Kim Go Eun get closer to millions of viewers and started her new journey. Although “Cheese In The Trap” was later entangled in controversy regarding the male lead and the supporting male role, it was still a commercial success of tvN, with ratings up to nearly 8%.

kim go eun

However, Kim Go Eun was not the first choice of the ”Cheese In The Trap” producer. Initially, the person that director Lee Yoon Jung targeted was the nation’s first love Suzy, but she turned down the role. It took a long time before the role of Hong Seol officially went to Kim Go Eun. At that time Suzy decided to skip “Cheese In The Trap” and chose “Uncontrollably Fond”, co-starring Kim Woo Bin. Unfortunately, this work was not as successful as expected, the rating continuously dropped, from 12.5% ​​in the first episode to only 8.4% in the last episode. Besides, Suzy’s acting skills in this drama were controversial. The only good thing is that “Uncontrollably Fond” had a tragic ending, which left a deep impression on the public.

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