It must be hard to be Hyuna when netizens keep on criticizing whatever she wears

It’s obvious that Hyuna dressed more carefully and well-mannered but netizens still found something to criticize and bash her.

It’s not hard to admit that Hyuna must be the nation’s least favourite kid now. This mostly comes from Hyuna’s unique and bold style of clothes and make-up. Before, Hyuna used to choose revealing clothes along with flamboyant lipstick colors which might be easy to accept for Korean netizens.

But even if Hyuna’s clothes fit well with the occasions, K-netizens still refuse to accept her and only strictly judge her everytime. Sometimes, it isn’t Hyuna’s fault, it’s the netizens’ fault.

One of the most representative examples is from recently when Hyuna appeared at the airport with a casual oversized outfit, the public immediately bashed her.

99,99% comments on Newsen were negative and mostly are criticism.

  1. [+707, -14] She must’ve borrowed E’Dawn’s clothes
  2. [+704, -43] If this is considered cool, then I’ll give up on fashion… This looks really bad on her
  3. [+562, -17] Looks like how my grandfather looks when he goes trail hiking, especially the shape of her legs… ㅎㅎ
  4. [+23, -0] Enough with the body tattoos, she needs to tattoo some eyebrows on herself
  5. [+19, -2] What in the… I thought she was an American grandma for a second;;;;
  6. [+18, -2] Is this a concept? To dress as tacky as possible??
  7. [+16, -0] Where does she even find these hobo clothes?
  8. [+12, -0] I clicked out of the article because the outfit was so terrible that I couldn’t bear to look at it for a second longer but came back to read the comments
  9. [+11, -1] It’s like she wants people to know that she’s different and unique from everyone else..
  10. [+11, -0] Female E’Dawn..

Let’s be more objective. It’s true that Hyuna’s wardrobe choice is usually quite bold but it wasn’t the case this time. A crop hoodie with jeans and comfortable sneakers are a perfect combination to wear at the airport. The outfit wasn’s even revealing. Then why all the bashing?

It’s was hard to understand all the unfounded criticism and bashing towards artists. It’s not wrong to say that Korean netizens are the scariest and the most cruel.

Sources: netizenbuzz, k14

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