Is she really “All of Us Are Dead” On-jo?… Park Ji-hu posted on Hanyang University’s community

While Netflix’s series “All of Us Are Dead” maintained the world’s No.1 position for nine consecutive days, actress Park Ji-hu (as Nam On-jo) wrote a message to the community of the university where she is going to attend.

On Feb 6th, Park Ji-hu‘s certification post was posted on the bulletin board of Hanyang University’s online community “Everytime“. After introducing herself as “Park Ji-hu, who will soon enter Hanyang University’s Department of Theater and Film, class 22”, Park Ji-hu cutely said, “I check the bulletin board often. ‘On-jo, I know you’re reading Everytime’ was a popular post. Where are you watching me?

First of all, Park Ji-hu expressed the joy of getting accepted into university, “Many of our best Hanyang University’s seniors and classmates watched and loved ‘All of Us Are Dead’ a lot, so I wanted to leave a message like this. I really wanted to enter Hanyang University, and I’m so happy and excited that I was accepted. I’ll work hard to live up to Hanyang University’s reputation.”

Park Ji-hu did not forget to promote her drama, “I want to make a lot of friends, eat school meals and join clubs. Please take care of me. If you haven’t watched ‘All of Us Are Dead’, please enjoy it soon. If you have watched it, please watch it again.”

After completing the introduction, Park Ji-hu added one photo, saying, “I’m uploading it for authentication just in case you think it’s fake.” The photo contained the upper part of Park Ji-hu‘s resident registration card and the name tag appearing in “All of Us Are Dead“.

Netizens showed warm reactions such as “It’s so cute that you wrote ‘baby lion’ in the proof shot”, “I can feel the excitement of a freshman”, “Fighting, On-jo’s university life!”…

Park Ji-hoo

Previously, Park Ji-hu emerged as a rising star in Chungmuro by depicting the daily life and emotions of middle school student Eun-hee in the 2019 movie “House of Hummingbird“. Park Ji-hu, who turned 20 this year, received global attention through “All of Us Are Dead“. The movie “Concrete Utopia” starring her, Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-joon and Park Bo-young is about to be released.

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