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Is “Running Man” crossing the line with private, malicious jokes?

SBS’ representative variety program “Running Man” is created to make the viewers laugh. The chemistry between the members is one of the main points of the program.

However, it is continuing its “uncomfortable content” such as attacking one of the members with malicious jokes and driving them into a corner.

One of the inappropriate content of the show is that family and privacy matters are mentioned as the subject of the attack. Furthermore, radical actions such as forcing food and kicking chairs are also being pointed out. This is later covered as the cast members are “close friends.”

Running Man

In the broadcast on July 10th, Ji Seok-jin was pointed out as the target of the attack. He was depicted enduring the members’ malicious comments in a game in which one was given a meal ticket if he/she sent malicious comments to the opposing team to make them raise the “STOP” sign. 

“If you take off your glasses, will your nose come off too?”, “Please close your mouth, open your wallet, and leave right away.” “Get a hair plant.” “You smell like a grandpa.” “An old fox who doesn’t act his age.” “You don’t love Ryu Su-Jeong.” 

Running Man

Ji Seok-jin’s face was gradually wrinkled due to the baptism of malicious comments. The PD asked Ji Seok-jin, “Are you okay?” and Ji Seok-jin replied, “I’m fine.” Yoon Bo-mi, who attended as a guest, was also worried that he would be hurt. 

The ‘malicious comment content’ may be interpreted as sarcasm against the malicious comments in real life. However, some viewers say they don’t understand how the name of a non-celebrity as Ji Seok-jin’s wife Ryu Soo-jung can be sarcasm. On this day, Ji Seok-jin gave up his meal by declaring “STOP” when his wife’s name was mentioned. 

Running Man

In January, Yang Se-chan‘s remarks toward Jeon So-min were embroiled in controversy. On the show, the two played a game in which they had to answer “Of course” to any question. Yang Se-chan asked Jeon So-min, “You’re still seeing him, right?” and panicked Jeon So-min turned her head, asking back, “Who?” 

Jeon So-min tried to move to another topic, but Yang Se-chan’s “privacy attacks” continued. He asked, “You thought of your ex-boyfriend when you were doing the kissing scene in ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House,’ right?” and Jeon So-min lost, unable to speak. On this day, Yang Se-chan directly mentioned Jeon So-min’s ex-lover, and the production team covered Yang Se-chan’s mouth with editing. 

The cast acts according to the games and rules prepared by the production team. If the production team creates games such as “Of course” and “sending malicious comments,” there will be some excessive situations because the cast members are close friends. 

However, it seems to fall short of the production intention to entertain viewers. The production team should consider the position of the cast and viewers and improve the program. The reputation of SBS’s representative variety program seems to be shaking little by little.

Source: Daum

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