Is Kim Hee Sun’s daughter a machine? The shocking writing skills of a 1st year middle school student

Famous actress Kim Hee Sun showed off her daughter’s excellent writing skills.

On September 6th, actress Kim Hee Sun uploaded several photos on her Instagram story without any captions. 

The photos feature neatly organized notes with clear and neat hand-writing as if it was printed out by a machine. The notes were also cleanly organized into bullet points. 

Kim Hee Sun

Furthermore, there are also hand-drawn details, such as small drawings and additional explanations in-between, giving a unique touch and drawing admiration. These notes are presumed to be written by Kim Hee Sun’s daughter, who is a 1st-year student in middle school.

Kim Hee Sun

Kim Hee Sun also showed her excitement regarding the notes via exclamation stickers such as “Great”, “You are amazing!”, and “OMG!”. 

Kim Hee Sun

On the other hand, Kim Hee Sun recently appeared in the MBC’s K-drama “Tomorrow” and the Netflix original series “Remarriages and Desires”.

Source: Nate

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