Can BLACKPINK’s Jisoo be the next Son Ye Jin?

With many similarities, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is considered to be the heir of Son Ye Jin.

Kim Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is considered to be Son Ye Jin‘s successor because of many similarities with her senior. In an interview, Jisoo said that Ye Jin had a great influence on her acting mindset.

Starting with leading roles 

Since their debut, excluding cameo appearances, Son Ye Jin and Jisoo have never taken on supporting roles. 

Son Ye-jin
Image of Jisoo and Ye Jin in their debut acting roles.

Jisoo started out as a Kpop idol and landed her first leading role in the drama Snowdrop, where she acts alongside Jung Hae In. Snowdrop had a rough start because it was involved in controversy over historical distortion. However, the drama has achieved good results internationally. 


Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin had her debut role in 2001 in the drama Delicious Proposal. At that time, Son Ye Jin was only 19 years old and was in her freshman year of university. She majored in acting. The work is also a stepping stone for the acting career of Son Ye Jin.

Son Ye-jin
The work is also a stepping stone for the acting career of Son Ye Jin

Has the Melo Queen found her successor?

With the performance in Snowdrop, Jisoo made the audience change their initial thoughts about her. Many viewers regret doubting Jisoo’s acting skills.

jisoo snowdrop 12012022 9
jisoo son ye jin 10042022 3
Son Ye Jin in “The Last Princess”.

Coincidentally, Son Ye Jin is known as the queen of the melodrama genre. Movies of the psychological and emotional genres that the actress has participated in can be mentioned as The Last Princess, The Truth Beneath, Into the White Night,…

Playing the role of Jung Hae In’s girlfriend

Jisoo’s first female lead role in Snowdrop is the role of Young Ro, whose love interest is Im Soo Ho (Jung Hae In). Viewers showered the couple with compliments as they created a beautiful couple with excellent chemistry not only on screen but also in real life.

Although the Snowdrop has ended for a long time, the couple still interacts regularly on Instagram

jennie jisoo jung hae in 28012022 1
Hae In and Jisoo.
Jung Hae In
Hae In and Ye Jin.

Meanwhile, Jung Hae In used to be Son Ye Jin‘s boyfriend in Something In The Rain.  Their noona-dongsaeng romance created a buzz when the drama aired. After the drama ended, Jung Hae In constantly showed his support for his senior’s future projects. At the end of March, he was also the only actor invited by Son Ye Jin to attend the wedding of her and Hyun Bin.

Son Ye-jin

In addition, there have been many times that Jisoo has been praised by netizens for her beauty which is somewhat similar to her senior Son Ye Jin. In a poll on “The most convincing couple that can play roles of siblings”, the two actresses topped the list with overwhelming votes.

Many fans always hope that Jisoo’s wish to work with her senior Son Ye Jin will come true in the future.

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