Is Jeon So-mi declaring her support for Yoon Seok-yeol? An unexpected debate happened

Some netizens continued to criticize Jeon So-mi’s post which was to certify that she already voted.

Untimely criticism continues over the voting certification of some celebrities. Singer Jeon So-mi became a hot topic this time.

Jeon So-mi wrote on her Instagram story on Mar 9th, “I finished voting and couldn’t take a proof picture, but please believe me.” She announced that she has finished her duty as a citizen in the presidential election.

Jeon So-mi voting

However, some netizens criticized Jeon So-mi for setting the story background as a red color. Internet users speculate that Jeon So-mi indirectly expressed her support for President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol of the People’s Power Party by using the color red which is the symbol color of this party.

There are also considerable objections to this. There is a counterargument that implying someone is supporting a particular candidate simply with a red story background is an unreasonable connection. Jeon So-mi has never particularly revealed her political orientation.

Jeon So-mi voting

In addition, there is also public opinion advocating that even if Jeon So-mi supported a specific candidate, she could freely disclose her political orientation. Several controversies continued over how many voter certification SNS posts of celebrities are accused of encouraging the presidential voting to support certain candidates.

Earlier on Mar 7th, Nam Gyu-ri encouraged the presidential election vote, calling it “fair KR” on Instagram. There was speculation that Nam Gyu-ri may have supported Yoon Seok-yeol after she posted a post emphasizing “freedom” in a movie’s lines.

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