Is a 2nd Brave Girls appearing? A girl group is surging on Korean music charts 

A girl group is experiencing remarkable rises on Korean music charts, gaining rapid attention as they repeat the “Brave Girls syndrome”. 

According to the pop music industry as of 3PM (KST) on February 27th, the title song “Rose Blossom” from H1-KEY’s 1st mini album of the same name, which was released on January 5th, has placed 84th on Melon Top 100, a chart from Korea’s largest music platform. 

Previously on February 24th, “Rose Blossom” entered the Melon Top 100 Daily Chart at No. 98, and has experienced an upward trend ever since. On the morning of February 27th, the track ranked 54th on the Melon Real-Time Chart.


It is unusual for idols from small and medium-sized domestic agencies to enter the Melon Top 100 late, especially when compared to idols and ballad acts from large agencies. In the past, this happened to EXID’s “Up&Down” and Brave Girls’ “Rollin’”, with both of the groups boasting powerful sound sources that attracted the public and enjoying explosive popularity soon after. 

In addition, “Rose Blossom” helped H1-KEY achieve a new “Career High” by landing at No. 22 on the Genie Chart, No. 7 on the Bugs Chart, No. 29 on the Flo Chart, and No. 78 on the YouTube Music Chart. It also performed well on the Kpop charts of overseas music platforms, reaching 56th on Apple Music, 156th on Spotify, and 21st on Shazam.


In addition, H1-KEY continued to break their best record by topping the “Physical Album Chart” category of the “Real-time Hanteo Chart”, which is provided by domestic album sales aggregation site Hanteo in the 6th week of release, rather than within the 1st week of sales. 

“Rose Blossom” compares the hopes and dreams in the cold world to the beauty of roses, a flower known for its will to “never break or wither and bloom beautifully.” Pop punk chord lines and analog synths harmonize over the hip-hop bass rhythm that combines trap and boom bap, combined with gorgeous lyrics written by DAY6 member Young K. Composer Hong Ji Sang, who worked on DAY6’s hit song, also participated in the composition and arrangement.


With addictive melodies and comforting lyrics, “Rose Blossom” went viral in various online communities right after its release. In the January chart released by the KM Chart (supervised by the Korea Management Association), the song ranked first in the female category of the Rookie chart. The album, “Rose Blossom”, also topped the iTunes top album charts in Turkey and Bahrain, as well as ranked high on iTunes and Apple Music charts in 7 countries including Singapore, Mexico, Australia, and Thailand.

“Rose Blossom” is also doing well on the domestic music shows. In particular, it placed 7th on Mnet’s “M Countdown”, 13th on KBS’s “Music Bank”, and 19th on MBC’s “Music Core”. 

The February 17th episode of “Music Bank”, music broadcast activities for “Rose Blossom” has concluded, according to H1-KEY’s agency. However, the rising trend of the song is still note-worthy, as the public is expecting H1-KEY to become “the 2nd Brave Girls”, who rose to the top with powerful music.

Source: Insight

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