Irene (Red Velvet) boasts a close relationship with Jennie (BLACKPINK): “Glued” to each other at award event, “fighting” to pay for shared meal 

Their strong bond moves fans of the two groups and non-fans alike. 

While friendships between idols from different groups are totally understandable, some close acquaintances still come as a surprise to fans, one of which is the strong bond between Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Irene (Red Velvet)

BLACKPINK and Red Velvet are famous for their strong relationship among third-generation group 

Irene adores Jennie the most in BLACKPINK, staying close to each other like glue 

Recently, Irene confessed that she liked Jennie the most in BLACKPINK. The friend duo boasts a popularity within K-pop in terms of their unrivaled beauty, considerable talent and large fan bases. 

Irene chose Jennie to be her most favorite member of BLACKPINK

Irene also mentioned Jennie in an interview from long before, recalling that they knew each other because Jennie approached her. While the two idols might look aloof on the outside, their intimate friendship proves otherwise.

these pairs of YG and SM artists are close friends
these pairs of YG and SM artists are close friends
The duo stayed close together at many events 

On an award stage of the “GAON Chart Music Awards,” Irene and Jennie were seen hugging and posing together. When both girl groups Red Velvet and BLACKPINK manage to secure a higher status in the industry, the duo is more open talking about and showing their friendship. 

Irene persistently wanted to pay for the meal, changed the dance routine to support Jennie’s solo 

In Summer 2019, when BLACKPINK was having a tour in the US, Jennie had a surprise dinner with Irene in a casual manner. They shared an intimate time and even “debated” who should pay to express their love for the other. 

Kpop idols hanging out
Jennie and Irene ate out in an occasion in the US 
Kpop idols hanging out
Jennie got to pay for the meal 

The friends have their individual ways to show their support. When Jennie was promoting her solo, Irene changed the key point in the choreography for “Really Bad Boy” to the signature hand-pointing move in Jennie’s “SOLO.” In return, Jennie also switched up by incorporating a dance part from “Really Bad Boy” into her dance routine. Later, Irene revealed it was Jennie who proposed the changes. 

Witnessing the close friendship, netizens cannot help but adore their tight-knit bond: “This pair cherish each other so much,” “It has been long since the last time they met but the two are still very close,” “Jennie is inseparable from Irene every time they met.” 

Source: k14

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