Interview with the writer and director of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” pt.3: “How about the development of Young-woo and Joon-ho’s love line?”

Director Yoo In-sik and writer Moon Ji-won continued to reveal more behind stories and raise expectations for the next episodes of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

– Different whales appear in each episode. Did you intend to do so?

Director Yoo In-sik: “Since whales represent Young-woo, I directed the whales in four forms. There are photographic memory scenes in which whales appear when Young-woo gets hooked on whales’ stories and begins chatting about whales. Another one is whales that appear cutely when Young-woo gives whale quizzes and we created these whales using papercraft and motion graphics. 

There are whales that appear in moments when Young-woo comes up with new ideas. We tried to find as many videos of whales jumping out of the water as possible. A lot of people already interpreted this detail. Some said the size of the whale depends on how great Young-woo’s idea is. Technically, I didn’t match the size in that way but the writer suggested 

According to the script of episode 6, she wrote, ‘the whale does not come out of the water but roams around silently’ and ‘a refreshing scene where the whale shoots water like a fountain’. A dolphin snooping under the water was shown on the electronic display.

Fourth, I wanted to show the whale that appeared in our real world once or twice at Young-woo’s special moments. Many viewers were surprised but fortunately, they loved the whales a lot. Please look forward to more whales that will come out to the real world in unexpected places.”

– Please tell us about the love line between Young-woo and Joon-ho

Writer Moon Ji-won: I believed that it was indispensable to show how Young-woo, who is self-centered and tends to focus on her own world, grows as she invites others into her world and keeps pace with them. That’s why I thought there must be a love story. In the first half of the drama, the revolving door scene was created while I was thinking that there should be precious and memorable moments when the two are together, and there are more moments like that in the future. 

If the first half focuses on exciting emotions and the way they fall in love with each other, a little deeper concern will be revealed in the second half of the story. From the view of Young-woo, she will worry about the meaning of a person with autistic spectrum disorder going out with someone ordinary. Meanwhile, Jun-ho will think about what it means to him to love a woman with a disability. 

– What are the points to look forward to in the next episodes?

Director Yoo In-sik: “If the first half paid attention to explaining whether Woo Young-woo could become a real lawyer, the second part would be about the process of Woo Young-woo becoming a good lawyer. Young-woo, an extraordinary and unusual being, is likely to find answers to her worries about what a good lawyer is, in his own way. It will be also very interesting to see the people of Hanbada face their own life’s worries, change, and develop.”

Source: daum

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