Indoor Smoking Controversy: Jennie’s Side States ‘Currently in the US, Verifying Details’

Jennie's agency has shown a cautious stance regarding the indoor smoking controversy.

A representative from Jennie’s independent label, ODD ATELIER (OA), stated to Xports News on the 9th, “Jennie is currently staying in the United States,” and added, “We are in the process of confirming the details related to the controversy.”

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Previously, on the 2nd, Jennie released a vlog video through her independent label ODD ATELIER’s YouTube channel. In the video, Jennie is seen getting her makeup done by staff before attending an event.

However, in this scene, Jennie was also seen using an electronic cigarette. The shocking part was that she blew the smoke directly into the staff’s face. The mere fact that she smoked indoors with the staff present drew negative reactions, leading to accusations of “power abuse.”

Although the scene was edited out of the vlog, it spread through online communities on the 8th, sparking controversy and numerous negative reactions.

Meanwhile, Jennie left YG Entertainment last year and established her independent label, ODD ATELIER.

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