Image of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Used in a True Crime Documentary, Shocking Fans

Fans of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo are shocked as an image of the female idol was used for a criminal record in a documentary. 

On June 26, a video titled “The Cops Had A Nervous Breakdown From What They Saw!! Case of Heather Rich | True Crime Documentary” was published on the YouTube channel “DETECTIVE BROOKS STORIES”. 

While the video itself is completely unrelated to BLACKPINK, eagle-eyed fans of the group noticed that an image of Jisoo was used for the criminal record of a suspect in the video. 

According to this profile, the suspect’s name was listed as “Octavia”, with pronouns being “He/him” and “She/her”. This “character” was also mentioned to be a bisexual person from the Philippines.

Most of Jisoo’s fans have so far taken the female idol’s “surprise” appearance in good fun, leaving joking comments such as “So I’m actually in love with a criminal” and “She’s always at the crime scene”. 

However, some also express worries over the misuse of Jisoo’s image, and accused the YouTube channel of trying to use Jisoo for clout, especially as the video featuring Jisoo draws immensely more attention compared to the remaining content of the channel. 

The video featuring Jisoo’s image can be seen here:

Source: VKR, X

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