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“I’m so damn annoyed”… “Turkids on the Block” Lee Dong-wook’s episode without a beep for swear words draws attention

Actor Lee Dong-wook captivated female fans’ hearts with his sexy charms even when swearing.

The 48th episode of “Turkids on the Block” was released on the Youtube channel “STUDIO WAFFLE” on May 20th. Lee Dong-wook appeared as a guest on the show and challenged the quiz by Lee Yong-jin. The prize money was 1 million won.

Lee Yong-jin asked, “Turkish soccer team Fenerbahce has a Korean player named Kim Min-jae. When is Kim Min-jae’s birthday?”. 

Upon hearing the unexpected question, Lee Dong-wook exclaimed “Aishhh…”. Lee Yong-jin immediately informed him that it was November 15th, making it easy on Lee Dong-wook.

lee dong wook

Lee Dong-wook tried to guess until Kim Min-jae’s birth year was revealed. However, Lee Yong-jin continued to ask other questions. Lee Dong-wook did not hesitate to show his anger, saying “Aishhh” again.

Lee Yong-jin did not give in. He picked another high-level question, saying, “What is Kim Min-jae’s Instagram ID?”. Not being patient anymore, Lee Dong-wook quietly swore “I’m so damn annoyed” while biting his lips tightly.

lee dong wook

Nevertheless, Lee Dong-wook was still determined and asked how many letters it was. Lee Yong-jin gave a hint, saying, “Kimminjae, followed by a single number. Just guess that number and I’ll consider it correct.”

lee dong wook

Surprisingly, Lee Dong-wook got the right number since he remembered that the number on the back of Kim Min-jae’s shirt is 3. However, it was not easy for the actor to get 1 million won because Lee Yong-jin wanted him to guess the exact number of Kim Min-jae’s followers.

Lee Dong-wook, who fell into the hell of an endless quiz, sighed and exploded with frustration. He said, “I won’t answer, you jerk”, drawing laughter.

lee dong wook

Internet users who watched the video gave various reactions, such as “I’ve never seen Lee Dong-wook swearing this much”, “How can he look sexy even when swearing?”, “This is why Youtube broadcasts are extremely interesting and funny”, etc. 

Source: insight

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