iKON’s first public appearance after B.I left the group

All 6 boys appeared with a tired expression.

On July 23rd, iKON has arrived at Gimpo International Airport to fly to Japan. The 6-member group will soon start their “iKON Japan Tour 2019” with the first destination being Fukuoka (2 nights July 27th – 28th).
Bobby’s face showed clear discomfort that he is being surrounded by paparazzis. Many fans are guessing that he will be the new leader of iKON. The new hair color also shows that a comeback is near.
Jin Hwan didn’t wear a face mask but still kept his head down to hide his sorrowful eyes.
Fans discover that Jin Hwan was wearing the shoes that are a memory between him and B.I. This shows that Jin Hwan still misses his brother B.I even when he is no longer with the team.
Chan Woo with his all-black outfit.
Dong Hyuk has gained weight after 2 months.
Yun Hyeong has also changed his hair.

Jun Hoe bored expression.
After iKON’s appearance at the airport, fans have trended the hashtag #WeMissOur131 to show their love for the former leader (his nickname was 131). The hashtag has went on the trending top of many Asian countries.
After B.I left due to the drug scandal, YG has announced that iKON will still promote as a 6-member group. Fans are worried for this boy group because they have lost their soul. B.I was the leader and the main producer who produced almost every song of iKON. The plan for a duo album between Double B (Bobby and B.I) is cancelled after B.I left YG.

Sources: ione

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