iKON’s Bobby on his premarital pregnancy issue, “I felt like I have lived a spectacular life as I even speeded up like that”

iKON member Bobby talked about his premarital pregnancy.

Channel A’s “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Clinic”, which aired on June 3rd, featured iKON members Bobby, Goo Jun-hoe, and Kim Dong-hyuk, who are in their 7th year of career.

On this day, Bobby told the members honest thoughts that he had not been able to speak out. He confessed, “I feel awkward with everyone.”

Oh Eun-young Golden Clinic

Bobby said, “I often whistle when I feel awkward. I just pick up the phone without any calls and go out. I go to the bathroom. It’s awkward since there’s sound, and it’s hard to keep talking with them.”

Oh Eun-young Golden Clinic

Above all, Bobby mentioned his sudden marriage and childbirth. Earlier in August last year, Bobby shocked fans by announcing the news of his marriage and his wife’s pregnancy at the same time through SNS. He later welcomed his first son in September of the same year.

Kim Dong-hyuk said, “Bobby hyung talked to each member. I hugged him without saying a word. Bobby hyung cried a lot. It was my first time seeing him cry that much. He does not usually cry”, adding, “I couldn’t say anything because I felt his emotions at that time.”

Oh Eun-young Golden Clinic

Bobby said, “After telling my parents and my company the fact, I visited the elders and explained the situation. I felt funny about myself after telling them all about the pregnancy. I thought ‘I’m really living a spectacular life. I even speed up like this’. There were many things that I had to find out about what to do in the future and how to get married. I had no time to feel my emotions.”

Oh Eun-young Golden Clinic

Bobby added, “I’m doing a job that should serve as an example for children and teenagers, but premarital pregnancy is not an exemplary thing. I felt so sorry.”

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