“If I win, I’ll give you money…” The “Lotto Case” that came out in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” ended like this in real life

Should I keep the promise when I actually win the lottery after buying the lottery with my friends and promising to share the prize money with them if I win the jackpot?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo”‘s 11th episode depicts a lawsuit to share the prize money with each other when a lottery ticket, which gamblers bought with stakes, won the jackpot.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

This incident actually happened in 2013. On KBS’s “Morning Madang,” which aired on July 28th, lawyer Yang So-young introduced the story of this case.

According to lawyer Yang, A, who had a drinking party with his friends, bought several lottery tickets and distributed them to his friends, saying, “If anyone win, let’s share them together.”

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

B, who received the lottery ticket, promised A, “If I win, I will give you 200 million won,” but he actually won the jackpot and received 1.4 billion won.

B, who won the jackpot, gave A only 80 million won, not the promised 200 million won, leading to a legal battle.

The court ruled that B would have to pay the remaining 120 million won, judging that there was a “distribution agreement” between the two, although it was only verbal.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

The court cited the fact that it was a lottery ticket purchased by A and given to B, that he had already paid some of the amounts, and that other friends also heard the “sharing promise” between the two.

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