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Identity of a male celebrity who is so popular he made even BTS’s Jin “embarrassed”

BTS’s Jin visited a place where he was not recognized. 

BTS is gaining explosive popularity all over the world. In fact, the members confessed that it is difficult to just go to the convenience stores in front of their houses because there are many people who recognize them.

But surprisingly, a place where BTS members can walk freely has been revealed. At this place, BTS’s Jin was hilariously ‘humiliated’. 

bts jin

On November 19th, 4 episodes of the web entertainment content “BTS Jin with Baek Jong Won’s drunken truth” were uploaded on BTS’s YouTube channel.

In the video, Jin visited a market to make street snacks with Baek Jong Won. As soon as they arrived at the market, people flocked to see Baek Jong Won. 

bts jin

People there continued to recognize and greet Baek Jong Won. Jin waited quietly by the side until Baek Jong Won took pictures with the middle-aged women at the market. 

Meanwhile, Jin didn’t even get a greeting. Baek Jong Won then pointed to Jin and joked, “Don’t you know this handsome guy?”

bts jin

In response, Jin said, “It’s okay. What do I expect in a market? You’re like an idol here,” slightly expressing jealousy, drawing laughter.

As the situation reversed, Baek Jong Won teasingly comforted Jin, saying, “Aigoo, be happy.” Fans also burst into laughter when they saw Jin, the “World Star” getting embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Jin, the eldest member of BTS, is about to enlist in the military. He is 31 this year and is expected to enlist as an active duty soldier by the end of this year at the earliest.

Source: Insight

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