“I wanted to talk to other people”, actress Lee Yoo-bi suddenly revealed her concern

Actress Lee Yoo Bi indirectly mentioned her recent health condition, causing fans to worry.

On August 21st, actress Lee Yoo Bi (31) communicated with fans through Instagram stories via a question and answer format, where fans asked questions and the actress answered them. 

However, her replies, which indirectly mentioned her health condition, are rousing concerns among netizens.

lee yoo bi

In particular, when she received the question “What did you do today”, Lee Yoo Bi answered, “I’m resting. I’m not feeling well. I turned on this to get some energy while talking to people.”

In another question that followed, the actress gave a response that was presumed to be the reason for her deterioration in health.

“Why didn’t you post on Instagram recently”, a fan asked, to which Lee Yoo Bi explained, “I was busy preparing for a drama. Even if I can’t upload it often, let’s think that I’m working hard, everyone”. 

Meanwhile, Lee Yoo Bi made her debut in the 2011 MBN sitcom drama “Vampire Idol”. She is well known to be the daughter of famous actress Kyeon Mi Ri and sister of actress Lee Da In.

In the recently released TVING web-drama “Yumi’s Cells” season 2, Lee Yoo Bi assumed the role of Ruby, and was recognized for her brilliant portrayal of this character, receiving praise from fans of the original webtoon.

Source: wikitree

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