“I sobbed like crazy”, Oh Yoon Ah losted her son, who has developmental disability, while abroad

Actress Oh Yoon Ah divorced her husband in 2015 and is raising her 16-year-old son, who has developmental disability, alone. 

Recently, actress Oh Yoon Ah published a video on her YouTube channel, where she shared about the horrifying experience of losing her son, Min, who has a developmental disability, in a foregin country. 

In the video, Oh Yoon Ah can be seen chatting while receiving nail art. She then revealed a past anecdote where she lost her son, Min, at an American airport. 

I lost Min at an airport in Los Angeles. My emotions slowly exploded like in a drama”, the actress said. 

At first, I was like, ‘Where did you go, Min?’. I was scared because I couldn’t see him at all, so I cried and screamed like a crazy person”, she recalled.  

At the time, Oh Yoon Ah could not control her emotions. She didn’t care how she looked in the eyes of others. 

“I almost collapsed there”, she said. 

Fortunately, Min was found shortly after. Apparently, the boy was attracted by the plane, and went somewhere alone to watch it. A stewardess noticed him, and to her relief, Yoon Ah was able to reunite with her son.

The actress then expressed that she felt fear and guilt over the disappearance of her son, who is everything, saying: “On the way back, my legs were also weak and shaking.

The deep love Oh Yoon Ah showed for Min can be felt even through the screen.

On the other hand, Oh Yoon Ah is raising her 16-year-old son Min alone after she divorced her husband in 2015. Since Min has a developmental disability, the actress makes a deep impression as a strong mother who has great love for her son. 

Currently, Oh Yoon Ah is carefully considering her next acting project, while at the same time appear in various entertainment programs.  

Source: insight

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