“I scolded you” Kim Hye-soo knelt down to Song Yoon-ah… What happened?

Actress Kim Hye-soo knelt down to Song Yoon-ah.

On July 3rd, Song Yoon-ah posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption “Unnie… I scolded you… It wasn’t like that, right?”

kim hye soo song yoon ah

In the photos, Kim Hye-soo wore comfortable clothes and knelt in front of Song Yoon-ah. Compared to Song Yoon-ah, who sat in a comfortable position, Kim Hye-soo, who knelt courteously, attracted attention.

Even when the two moved, they maintained the same posture as before, raising curiosity.

kim hye soo song yoon ah

Kim Hye-soo caused laughter by leaving a comment saying, “Give me an answer.” Oh Yoon-ah also left a comment saying, “Please invite us, too. The two seniors I miss.”

Song Yoon-ah recently appeared in Channel A’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Show Window: The Queen’s House”. Kim Hye-soo will appear in tvN’s drama “Shuroop”, which is scheduled to air in October.

Source: wikitree

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